Blog Update – Please visit us on Twitter.

Thank you for visiting our class blogs. At Tanfield Lea Community Primary, we have made use of class blogs as a way of sharing some of the exciting opportunities the children have in school. However, we have now moved towards Twitter as the ideal platform for regularly updating events in school.

You can follow us @TanfieldPrimary if you already use Twitter or by following this link :

Via Twitter you we be able to keep up to date with events across the whole school.

Commenting on blog posts

Remember, we will only approve good quality comments to the blog. Follow these steps when posting a comment.

  • One: Say something positive “I really like how you have tried to use some powerful verbs in your writing. It helps bring it to life.”
  • Two: Ask a question By asking a question, you are encouraging a reply and you are engaging the author. “Your writing makes me think that you may have read some Michael Morpurgo books. Which story inspired you to write this?
  • Three: Suggest an improvement “To make this even better, you could change the way you opened the final sentence. Can you think of an adverb that would work? Leave a comment with some ideas.”

Eric 283/365 Eric Tastad via Compfight

Take a look at these comments. Which one do you think is an example of a good quality comment? Can you explain why? Can you explain why the other comments aren’t good enough and suggest what could be done differently?


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James- sports car corvette- how to add a blog post

corvette Z06 this is a really good sports car. Fast, Flashy and mint this car costs a lot of money.

1.complete a Google search for WC clipart

2. Search up a picture that you like

3. find a picture you like and click on it

4. Click on the button that says edit image

5. Copy the link

6. Now go to the class blog

7. Login

8. add a new post

9. click on text tab

10. Then press image

11. Paste and click ok.

How to add an image to a blogpost by Joel

How to add a post onto the blog?

First go on to Wpclipart

Next search for an image

After that click on the best picture you like

Then click edit image

Copy the address

after that go on the blog then click on your class

login to your account

On the top it would say the plus sign add  (+) hover on that and click post

put in your  title

then click text

after that click img

finally paste the address then put a name on then your done


confused chicken

how to make a blog post by isobel

.First complete a google search for Wpclipart.
.Next,go to the search bar and Select your picture.
.Then find the picture that you like
.Then copy the address
.Now go to the class blog
.Add a new post
.Click on the img
.Tap then
.Paste your picture address into the text then click on visual

how to make a blog post

first you want to go onto WPClipart choose a photo that you like then go onto edit photo and copy the link to the photo

then log onto you go onto the blog

then you want to press new with a plus next to it

you click that then add your photo by going onto text and clicking img and paste your link

wright what your want post then your done