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Commenting on blog posts

Remember, we will only approve good quality comments to the blog. Follow these steps when posting a comment.

  • One: Say something positive “I really like how you have tried to use some powerful verbs in your writing. It helps bring it to life.”
  • Two: Ask a question By asking a question, you are encouraging a reply and you are engaging the author. “Your writing makes me think that you may have read some Michael Morpurgo books. Which story inspired you to write this?
  • Three: Suggest an improvement “To make this even better, you could change the way you opened the final sentence. Can you think of an adverb that would work? Leave a comment with some ideas.”

Eric 283/365 Eric Tastad via Compfight

Take a look at these comments. Which one do you think is an example of a good quality comment? Can you explain why? Can you explain why the other comments aren’t good enough and suggest what could be done differently?


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Making Inferences.

What inferences can we make from this video? What can we say about it?

Make a PicCollage about your thoughts. Print a copy for your file and hand in a copy on the Padlet below so that I can see all of your ideas together.

Where did the Robot come  from?
Why is it alone in the  woods?
How can we tell he is lonely?
Does he feel at home in the woods? How can you tell?
What is the factory like  inside?
Why does he decide to go back into the woods?

Hand in your PicCollage here:

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