How to add a wpclipart?-Benjamin W

angry car


By Benjamin W

  • First complete a google search for Wpclipart.
  • Next,go to the search bar and Select your picture.
  • Then find the picture that you like
  • Then copy the address
  • Now go to the class blog
  • Login
  • Add a new post
  • Click on the img
  • Tap then
  • Paste your picture  address into the text then click on visual

How to put a picture on a blog post – by Katie


  • First of all, you search up WP clipart,
  • Second of all,  you search a picture,
  • Then you pick the picture you want,
  • After that, you press the ‘ edit picture button‘ and copy the link ,
  • Then, you go on to the blog and log in and press NEW post,
  • After, you go onto the text button and press the ing and paste the link,
  • Then, you press ok and then it will come up saying what is the picture and then you type in what you searched for before and then press ok.

How to add a wpclipart image onto a blog post- By Neve







How to add a wpclipart image onto a blog post.

By Neve

  • First, complete a Google search for a wpclipart.
  • Next, go to the search bar and choose you picture.
  • Find the image that you like and then press edit image.
  • Copy the address.
  • Go to the class blog.
  • Then log in
  • Click new post.
  • Click on the text bar.
  • Click img then paste the address.
  • Finally, click visual and you will see your image.