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How to upload a picture on a blog from by Chynna R

Do you want to upload a picture of your favorite animal? Then read these instructions to help you place a very cool picture to your blog!

What you will need.

A computer, good internet connection, a picture from WPClipart.

What to do.

First, of all you will need to log into a website called tanfieldprimary.net.

Then, you need to open another tab and type in WPClipart.

After that, you will need to select a picture that you want then click on the part that says FULL-SIZE JPG.

Next, you have to copy and paste the text in to the small square on the new post and copy

And there you have it a picture on your blog!

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Joseph Swan!

Who is Joseph swan?

Joseph Swan is a famous inventor from Bishopwearmouth in Sunderland Co.Durham. He was born on the 31st October 1824. And died on 27th May 1914.

Why is he famous?

He is famous for inventing the first working electric light bulb so you could see in the dark.

Why is he important?

He is important because he helped people see in the dark with the first ever light bulb.

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