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How to add clipart to a blog post by Jamie

how to  add clipart

have you ever wanted to add some colorful and beautiful clipart. well if so, follow these extremely helpful instructions.

you will need 

a computer/laptop/phone/ipad, internet connection and www.wpclipart.com

how to do it

firstly, you will log on to your laptop/computer/phone/ipad.
After that, open up internet/google chrome/microsoft edge/safari and go on the blog.
Next, sign in then press “new” and then “post” and then “new post”.
Then, click on the new tab button and type in the web box www.wpclipart.com
search in the search box a picture that you want to have and then click on a picture that is good and there is a box with some random words in. right click that and then go back on the blog on your post and click on “text” and click “Ctrl+V” and then click back on visual and there is your picture.


now you know how to add clipart to your picture. i hope this helped you. 😀 ;D


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