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How to use clipart in a blog post by Emily Davies

Have you ever wanted to add an image to a blog post? Unfortunately, this is quite hard. However, if you follow these instructions, you too will be able to use clipart!

What you need

A computer, internet connection, and WPclipart.

What to do

  1. First, type ‘wpclipart.com’ into the address bar.
  2. Next, search for the image you want to put on your post.
  3. Once you have found the image you want, left click on it.
  4. After that, left click on one of the codes that are underneath the image (if you want a small picture, click on the code that says ‘thumbnail’ or if you want a larger image click on the code that says ‘full-size’)
  5. Next, click on copy.
  6. Then, go on the blog and open a new post.
  7. Afterwards, click on ‘text’ (in the top right corner of the text box) and paste the code.
  8. Finally, click back on ‘visual’ (next to the text button) and there you are!

Now you know how to catch the readers attention by using images on your blog posts. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Go to WPclipart now!