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How To Put An Image On The Blog

Hello, Fellow Monsters, Are You Bored Of The Same Old Blog Post Without A Exhilarating Image? Yes? Well, Today I’m Going To Show You How To Get Your Own Spooky Halloween Image Onto The Blog!

What You Need
Internet, A Computer, A Blog Account And WPClipart.

What You Do
1.Firstly, Log Into Your Blog Account And Click On Create A Post.
2.Go On Google And Type In WPClipart.com
3.Find A Spooky Image You Like And Click On It
4. Next, Pick Which Size You Want It Big Or Small
5.Click On The Size And Right-Click Then Press Copy.
6. Go Back Onto the Blog And Go Onto Text
7.Right-Click On The Box And Press Paste
8. Go Back Onto Visual And See If It Worked
9. If It Worked Continue On What You Wanted To Do
If I Didn’t Work, Try These Steps Again!

Thank You For Reading This Blog Post, I Hope You Learned How To Upload Your Own Scary Image Onto The Blog, Happy Halloween!



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