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Joseph Swan-By Lola

Joseph Swan.

Joseph Wilson Swan was born in 1828 on the 31st of October-which is also known as Halloween. He died on the 27th of May 1914(aged 85.) He was created in Sunderland and won two medals: The Hughes medal and the Albert medal. His mother is named Isabella Cameron and his farther named John Swan.


Swan was famous for inventing the incandescent light bulb and photographic process. By 1860 he was able to demonstrate a working device. Once he had achieved invention, he was well known and became famous because of the things he made. The little light flashed and made a big change. Jo also made photos and cameras. Surprisingly, Swan wasn’t the only one trying to invent a light..


Once Jo had invented this, a rival came along making it harder for Swan to carry on. Thomas Edison was also making light bulb and started a rivalry between the two. Many people say the competition between Swan and Edison, reflected off people’s opinions of who invented the lamp first. This caused arguments and proposed in the UK. An argument begun and people never heard the end of it.

We must thank Jo and his awesome inventions because otherwise all we would have would be candles or mine head lights. Joseph swan is important in many different ways. He became an idol to loads of other inventors making fridges and toasters(which we probably couldn’t do without.)

So as you can see life wouldn’t be easy without electrical lights and things. So say a special thanks to what we have and what Joseph Swan gave us.

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