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How To Put An Image On The Blog

Hello, Fellow Monsters, Are You Bored Of The Same Old Blog Post Without A Exhilarating Image? Yes? Well, Today I’m Going To Show You How To Get Your Own Spooky Halloween Image Onto The Blog!

What You Need
Internet, A Computer, A Blog Account And WPClipart.

What You Do
1.Firstly, Log Into Your Blog Account And Click On Create A Post.
2.Go On Google And Type In WPClipart.com
3.Find A Spooky Image You Like And Click On It
4. Next, Pick Which Size You Want It Big Or Small
5.Click On The Size And Right-Click Then Press Copy.
6. Go Back Onto the Blog And Go Onto Text
7.Right-Click On The Box And Press Paste
8. Go Back Onto Visual And See If It Worked
9. If It Worked Continue On What You Wanted To Do
If I Didn’t Work, Try These Steps Again!

Thank You For Reading This Blog Post, I Hope You Learned How To Upload Your Own Scary Image Onto The Blog, Happy Halloween!



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Joseph Swan- By Georgia

Joseph Swan

Thankfully, He Was Born On The 31st October 1828 On Halloween; He Was Born In Bishopwearmouth In Sunderland. Sadly,He Died On The 27th Of May 1914 At The Age Of 85 In Warlingham In England (Surrey) Because Of Old Age. His Parents , Who Aren’t Alive (Of Course) Are Named Isabella Cameron And His Father Is John Swan. Joseph Swans Full Name Was Sir Joseph Wilson Swan.  Amazingly, He Has Alot Of Family Members, So Many That I Cant Even Remember There Names!

Why Was He Famous?

Sir Joseph Was Famous For Making A Incandescent Light Bulb That Worked, Why It Is Important Is Because It Gave Off Light And Had Inspired Other Inventors To Make New Things That Led To, Toasters, Fridges, Movie Projectors And Easy Back Ovens (Also Other Fascinating Things). Its Importance Is From 1-10 Is 9 Or 10, Back In Joseph Swans Days There Wasn’t  Much Light In The Mines So The Light From George Stephensons Geordie Lamp Helped Miners See In The Dark Much Better.


His Rivals Name Was Thomas Edison, He Was Trying To Create A Light Bulb Too But A bit Different From Joseph Swans, People Say That From The Competition They Don’t Made The Lamp First, So There Rivalry Had Started And Making It Harder For Sir Joseph To Carry On With Making Light Bulbs/Lamps.

His Importance

Joseph Swan Is Important Because He Invented A Light Bulb That Has Inspired Many Other Inventors To Make Bigger And More Fascinating Inventions Thanks To A Couple People For Making Such A Life Changing Object That Has Made The World A Brighter Place Even When Its Dark.

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