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How to get clipart in a post

How to paste pictures by tom

Have you ever wanted some pictures into your blog posts? Are you sick of the countless words with no pictures?

What you need:

A computer, an internet connection, wpclipart.com

What to do:

Firstly, you log on to your computer and go on the internet.
Next, you type in WPclipart.com in google or the search bar at the top of the screen.
After that, search for the image you want and click on it.
When you have done that, copy the text from the bottom of the page.
Then, turn the visual button to text and paste in what you have copied.

But be careful too many pictures is like non at all.

How to put clipart on a blog post by Lola.

Have you ever wanted to put clipart on a blog post but you don’t know how? It can be tricky so follow these instructions and it’ll be so simple.

What you will need: 

.A computer

.A blog



  1. Firstly, Log on to your computer and go on to google.
  2. Next, Type in on the top bar of the screen “www.wpclipart.com” and then on a new tab (your blog name)
    1. After this, Make a new post on your blog and go on to wpclipart.com
  3. Then, type in (at the top search bar) what picture you require and pic one.
  4. Once this is done, click on the picture and scroll down.
  5. Go onto the code and copy it.
  6. Click on your post again and change the visual to text
  7. Click paste and then change it back to visual

And there you have it. Clipart galore!

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How To Put An Image On The Blog

Hello, Fellow Monsters, Are You Bored Of The Same Old Blog Post Without A Exhilarating Image? Yes? Well, Today I’m Going To Show You How To Get Your Own Spooky Halloween Image Onto The Blog!

What You Need
Internet, A Computer, A Blog Account And WPClipart.

What You Do
1.Firstly, Log Into Your Blog Account And Click On Create A Post.
2.Go On Google And Type In WPClipart.com
3.Find A Spooky Image You Like And Click On It
4. Next, Pick Which Size You Want It Big Or Small
5.Click On The Size And Right-Click Then Press Copy.
6. Go Back Onto the Blog And Go Onto Text
7.Right-Click On The Box And Press Paste
8. Go Back Onto Visual And See If It Worked
9. If It Worked Continue On What You Wanted To Do
If I Didn’t Work, Try These Steps Again!

Thank You For Reading This Blog Post, I Hope You Learned How To Upload Your Own Scary Image Onto The Blog, Happy Halloween!



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Have you ever wanted to add a picture to a post on your blog? If so follow these instructions.

what you will need

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • WP-clipart

what to do
open up your computer onto the homepage and click on the internet sign once you have done this type in the name of the blog and then sign into this. Press on dashboard and click new post after this is done press for a new tab and type WP-clipart into the box. A blog will come up at this point and there will be a search box, click on it and type whatever you want and some pictures will come up chose one and press it then highlight the writing closest to the picture that is on the bottom. After this go to your blogs dashboard and press text, then paste your writing. After press visual and your picture will appear.

Now you have learned how to get pictures onto blog posts this will help your writing stand out more.

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how to post a picture on the blog!

Posting clipart!

have you ever wanted to post a picture on a blog. Then  follow these instructions to post any picture you want on the blog.

what you will need!

you will need a website called wpclipart.
and the blog called tanfieldprimary.net

  1. Get up a website called tanfieldprimary.net
  2. get up a website called wpclipart
  3. search wpclipart for an appropriate picture to post.
  4. click on the picture
  5. copy the numbers on the bottom.
  6. go on to text on the blog
  7. click paste
  8. then go back on to the visual
  9. and whala you have a picture on your post

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