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how to use clip art on a blog post.

a href=”http://www.wpclipart.com/plants/flowers/tulip/Trinity_Square_Tulip.png.html”>

How to use clip art on a blog post. By Isabelle.

Ever wanted to know how to place clip art on a blog post? Well look no further. It can get hard but if you follow this simple steps your blog posts will look fabulous.

What you need.

 You will need: A blog, internet connection and wpclipart  because there will be copy right on Google.

What to do.

Firstly you open up the Google icon and type in your blog address.

Next type in this web address: http://www.wpclipart.com.

After that change the blog page from visual to text.

Then type in your own picture and copy the code on to the blog post.

After that click visual and see you r post come to life.

Thank you for reading and i hope you can now make your own amazing blog post


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Joseph Swan


Joseph Wilson Swan was born 31st of October 1828 in Pallion Hall near Sunderland and died 27th of May 1914. His parents were called John Swan and Isabella Cameron.


Swan was famous for creating the , life changing , light bulb.He invented the light bulb. By 1860 he was able to demonstrate a working device. It lead to us having electric light. so we don’t have to use candle light.


His main rival was Thomas Edison, who was working on the same experiment as Joseph. Joseph was working in England and Thomas was in the United States.


Without Joseph Swan we would have never heard of the light bulb or ever seen a one. If we didn’t have him we would have to read and write next to candle light.

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