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Have you ever wanted to add a picture to a post on your blog? If so follow these instructions.

what you will need

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • WP-clipart

what to do
open up your computer onto the homepage and click on the internet sign once you have done this type in the name of the blog and then sign into this. Press on dashboard and click new post after this is done press for a new tab and type WP-clipart into the box. A blog will come up at this point and there will be a search box, click on it and type whatever you want and some pictures will come up chose one and press it then highlight the writing closest to the picture that is on the bottom. After this go to your blogs dashboard and press text, then paste your writing. After press visual and your picture will appear.

Now you have learned how to get pictures onto blog posts this will help your writing stand out more.

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Joseph swan

Joseph Swan

Joseph swan was born in 1828 at Sunderland and died off old age in 1914. who was named Thomas Alva Edison who was born on the 11 of February 1847 and died October 18 1931 at the age of 84.


Joseph swan had a mother that was named Isabella Cameron and his father named John swan Joseph swan was a Brit unlike his rival (Thomas Edison) who was an american.

What he was famous for

Joseph swan was famous for making the Lightbulb at his house in Gateshead.This was a great invention as if we did not have it we would not be able to see in the house at night unless we used a candle or a torch (which aren’t as strong as lights!)

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