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Joseph Swan

His name is joseph swan he’s born in 1828 in England. He is a local man who was born in Pallion Hall in Sunderland. In 1904 swan was knighted by king Edward vii.

How he is famous

Swan is famous for his light bulb he invented the first ever one. Its important because we would not be able to see in the dark or play football on night time. The light bulb which led to him being famous. It was a huge success because now he’s world famous. Joseph made good use of his time with Mawsons where he experimented with ways of extending the life of an electrically heated filament. During the first half of the 1870’s Crooke’s work with more efficient vacuum pumps and McLeod’s gauge to measure the vacuum produced gave Swan the impetus to experiment with the heating of a filament in a vacuum. With a carbon filament sealed into a vacuum bulb he was able to produce an incandescent light without the oxidation that had limited the filament’s life up to that point. He made further developments in filament materials to enable the production of the first successful incandescent light bulbs

Who was his rival

His rival was called Thomas he was born on the 11th and died on the October 18th.

why is joseph swan famous

Swan is important because he invented the light bulb. If it wasn’t for him the light bulb wouldn’t be a thing. Someone would have to invent it in the future he is a big impact to our country.


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