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Joseph Swan


Joseph Wilson Swan was a famous inventor from the North east who was born on the 31st of October 1828 in bishopwearmouth and died in 1914. Joseph was the age of the of 85 when he died in Warlingham which is in Surrey. His parents were called John swan and Isabella Cameron.

what he was famous for

Joseph swan was famous for creating the electric light bulb. For many years we had to use candles but now we can use the lights because this extraordinary man made the light bulbs. Joseph started making the lights in 1850.

who was his rival

Joseph swan wasn’t the only person to have the idea of a lightbulb there was a another person called Thomas Edison who was also working on the same project as joseph however Joseph finished before Thomas

why was he important

Joseph swan was famous for building the light which let us to be able to see without candles. Without Joseph Wilson swan we had never even seen a light bulb

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