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how to post a picture on the blog!

Posting clipart!

have you ever wanted to post a picture on a blog. Then  follow these instructions to post any picture you want on the blog.

what you will need!

you will need a website called wpclipart.
and the blog called tanfieldprimary.net

  1. Get up a website called tanfieldprimary.net
  2. get up a website called wpclipart
  3. search wpclipart for an appropriate picture to post.
  4. click on the picture
  5. copy the numbers on the bottom.
  6. go on to text on the blog
  7. click paste
  8. then go back on to the visual
  9. and whala you have a picture on your post

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Sir Joseph Swan!

joseph swan!

Joseph was born in 1828 on 31st October (which is Halloween). In Sunderland , Bishop Wear Mouth. He died in 1914 due to natural causes ( old age 85) on may 7th.

what was he famous for?

Joseph is famous for making the socket powered electric light bulb. The bulb was powered with 220 volts in 1850. His invention lead to the world being lit by light bulb.

his rival!

Thomas Edison was Joseph’s rival that nearly made a different light bulb. Thomas was joseph’s rival which means he nearly made a light bulb that would change how light’s work!

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