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How to put clip art on a blog post!


How to add pictures onto a blog post.

Have   you ever wanted to put pictures on a blog post? Well read on to find out!

What you will need.

Internet Connection

A Computer


What to do.

  1. Go on to Google, Chrome, Google, Internet Explorer or  any others I haven’t mentioned.
  2. First type in the link of the website which is wpclipart.com.
  3. Then type in what you want to put on your blog where it says ‘Search Images’
  4. Click on the picture then click on the second box and copy it.
  5. Go onto the blog then click on text and paste the link in there.
  6. Finally go back onto visual then the picture shall appear.


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Joseph Swan

Who is Joseph Swan?

Joseph Swan was born on the 31st in 1828, Sunderland. He died on the 27th May 1914 in Surrey at the age of 85. His parents were John Swan and Isabella Cameron.

What is he famous for?

He was famous for making the first electric light bulb. In 1850 he started to work on the electric light bulb using carbonized paper  filaments in a glass light bulb.

Who is his rival

His rival was Thomas Edison, who was also aiming to be the inventor of the electric lightbulb and he was born in 1847 February 11th and died in October 1931  18th.

Why was Joseph Swan important

He is important because we would not have much light in our houses. Also we have lightbulbs in televisions and computers.