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WpClipart instructions.


How to add a WpClipart picture to your post. By Siobhan

Have you ever wanted to make your post beautiful just by adding a picture. Then follow these instructions and you to will be able to add a picture in no time.

What you will need.

  1. Some internet connection
  2. A computer
  3. WpClipart website

What you will need to do.

First of all you will need to log onto your computer and open chrome up.
After this you will have to go onto the website that you want to post the picture on and go onto the dashboard.
Next press on the ‘new post’ button then open up a different tab.
After that type in WpClipart.com then it will come up with lots of suggestions.
Once you are up to the suggestions press on the one that says WpClipart home.
When you have done that press on the search button and type in the picture that you want.
It will then come up with the picture bigger and underneath there will come up with two website things.
You have to press onto the second one and copy it then go onto your website again.
Then right click the box and paste the picture then start writing what you want to write.
After all of that you will finally have your picture on the website.

Know you now how to put a picture onto your website you can post one anytime. But be careful if you put to many pictures on it could be even worse than a post with no picture.

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Joseph Swan!

Joseph Swan.

Joseph Swan was born on the 31st of October 1828 in Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland. But he sadly died on the 27th of may 1914 in Warlingham Surrey at the age of 85. Joseph died of old age.

What was he famous for?

Joseph Swan was famous for inventing the light bulb. He actually made the FIRST ever light bulb. This means people could see much better using light bulbs not candles. Inventing the light bulb led to people making much bigger lights including huge, glass chandeliers.

Who was his rival?

Joseph Swans rival was Thomas Edison. In 1883 the Edison and Swan electric light company was established.

Why was Joseph Swan important?

Joseph Swan was important because he made ever light bulb, and I mean the first EVER. This means that when people now wanted light they didn’t have to use candles and burn them selves.


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