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how to add a picture to a blog post?

Have you ever wonted to add a picture to your blog post well today is the day you can find out how!

What you need:

  • a computer or laptop or tablet.
  • internet connection.
  • wpclipart.com

What to do:

  1. open the internet and type wpclip art in the URL then press on wpcliparthome.
  2. next search your wonted picture and clip on it.
  3. now copy the text in thumb nail or full-size.
  4. open your blog post.
  5.  press text which is next to visual.
  6. past the picture.
  7. press back on to visual then you are finished you have a picture on your blog post




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Joseph Swan

who is Joseph Swan?

Joseph swan was born in bishop-wear-mouth Sunderland on the 31st of October 1828 but sadly he died on the 27th of May 1914 in warlingham Surrey.John Swan and Isabella Cameron where Josephs parents and as a child Joe was said to have an inquiring mind. In 1904 swan was knighted by king Edward the VII.

why is he famous?

Joseph swan was famous for inventing the light bulb and getting a Hughes medal. His amazing invention leads to are lighting today.He is important for creating a light bulb

who is his rival?

Thomas Edison who for many years was thought to be the inventor of the light bulb but he was not in fact it was Joseph swan.

why is he important?

Joseph is important for creating the light bulb which lead to are lighting today without him we would still use candles and have no bulbs and bulbs are used in tv’s and computers.


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